Carrot Cake Dog leash
Carrot Cake Dog leash
Carrot Cake Dog leash

Carrot Cake Dog leash

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 Dog With a Mission create stylish and unique dog accessories with a goal in mind. They believe that since your dog is a part of your family, they deserve nothing but the most stylish and colorful options out there. So at Dog with a Mission, they create high-end collars, leashes and accessories that contain heart and soul to perfectly match your dog’s unique personality and loving 

Splash the Town with Color!

Whether they are posing at the local coffee shop, or padding the city sidewalk, Carrot Cake Leash is the cute, but sturdy leash for them.

Our signature leash in carrot orange shade. A bold statement piece for any doggie closet.  

How do you maintain a DWAM product?

The leather surface can easily be treated with saddle grease, the fabric surface with green soap.

With our beautiful leashes you will always look great. All our exclusive leashes are solidly made and of a robust quality. They are handmade and therefore all cheeked for quality. To be able to offer each dog and dog owner something beautiful, we have chosen to offer many different designs.

Small: 155cm x 1cm

Large: 155cm x 1.4cm