Dana Pacman Earrings
Dana Pacman Earrings
Dana Pacman Earrings

Dana Pacman Earrings

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The PACMAN are upcycled from an old vinyl record that was headed for landfill. Literally groovy, you can admire the original record in all its groovy glory at the back of the earrings and you will love how the light dances over the silver details as the earrings dangle. They are a great present for vinyl lovers, sustainable fashion enthusiasts or anyone on the lookout for that bold unique handmade accessory.
Dana Jewellery are designed and made in Anne-Louise's little studio in Co. Kerry, Ireland, between the ocean and the hills.

• D E T A I L S •
▹ hooks are stainless steel (nickel free & hypoallergenic for most people)
▹ surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear
▹ coated with a plant based resin
▹SIZE: the dangly parts are approx. 24 mm X 34 mm. Including the hooks, they hang approx. 48mm long.