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Single Large Gold Ear Cuff

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The LACUNA simple ear piece can be worn without
pierced ears. Fairy magic for you to make a shiny vulva understatement
which goes with every outfit and occasion. the LACUNA VULVA collection, which is inspired by feminine fortitude and celebrates the beauty of every body part. 

galvanized brass available in gold and silver
loops anallergic surgical steel
made in Italy

5,5 cm


loops anallergic surgical steel
pendant galvanized brass

About Luise Zucker: Hi I am Luise Zücker, I started out in fashion design and my creations of headpieces for musicians and artists, which I still do and love. But I wanted to make something not only for stages, covers and editorials, but for you! I believe in positive power and want to encourage and help to show your inner female strength. You are allowed to show it, use and celebrate it. My jewelry is made to be an everyday reminder that you are accepted to take your stage and to be whoever you want to be!