The Home Moment Fire Candle
The Home Moment Fire Candle
The Home Moment Fire Candle
The Home Moment Fire Candle

The Home Moment Fire Candle

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Fire Scented Candle 

Top Notes:  Honey, Spices, Citrus

Middle notes:  Wood, Sandalwood

Base notes: Amber, Tonka Bean, Patchouli

Scent Story

Taking you home to the Irish fireside, reminiscent of sipping honey-colored whiskey by the smoky embers of a wood-burning fire. Cozy conversation and heartfelt banter into the twilight of the evening, entranced by the flames of the fire.

Sound experience

There is a seed card included in each candle box that has a scannable QR code bringing you to a natural soundscape recording. Light your HOME candle while you get in the bath or when you're sitting down for meditation and listen to an original recording from our in-house artist "Darkscapes" of a storm rolling in over the Amazon in Costa Rica. Let us transport you.

Seed cards

The QR code to your soundscape experience is printed on a biodegradable seeded paper card, so when your candle has burnt out you can put the seed card in the jar with a hand full of soil and let flowers grow out of it. Encouraging the reuse of our beautiful amber glass jars. And bringing beautiful nature-filled moments to your home.

Product Details

  • 500ml amber glass jar
  • Silver aluminum screw-top lid
  • Three cotton wicks
  • Vegan wax & fragrance oil
  • 10% fragrance load
  • Fragrance from perfume capital of the world Grasse France
  • Candle includes complimentary soundscape experience
  • Complimentary plantable wildflower seeded card
  • Burns for 60 hours

      The Home Moment Philosophy

      • Our Vision
      •  The Home Moment is a sustainable luxury brand. Creating accessible at-home luxury experiences that don't cost the planet. Using only fine materials that are ethically sourced. We hope our brand will inspire others on their path to a high-quality, conscious lifestyle.
      • Our Mission
      •  The Home Moment creates exceptional products and product-based experiences to elevate our customer's quality of life. We believe that high-quality products can be made consciously as we strive to preserve our one and only home, the planet.
      • Our Purpose
      • At The Home Moment, our purpose is to bring our customers moments of joy, making every moment at home a special occasion. We are more than a product we are a sensory experience.